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HARLEQUIN INTERNATIONAL LTD can justifiably claim to be Europe’s fastest growing manufacturer of specialised superabrasive products. The company employs modern resinoid bonding systems, in conjunction with the very latest manufacturing equipment.

Sales to European, North American and Scandinavian markets have given the company a reputation for high quality service products at realistic prices. Harlequin International’s relationship with grinding machine manufacturers, together with constant research and development enable the company to consistently improve performance levels, thus offering its clients the latest state of the art tooling.

Harlequin International’s unique manufacturing programme comprises the ultimate in quality systems and raw materials, encompassed within the very latest manufacturing equipment.


In CNC applications perpetual Research & Development has led to a unique product range in thermally stable bonds proven to lead the market in all applications. Oil coolant and water-based mixtures are equally able to be used on Harlequin products. With a worldwide customer base both manufacturing and servicing Harlequin is proven to provide the perfect partner for customer needs.

Woodworking customers also enjoy the benefits of Harlequin’s worldwide presence. Technology from one Hemisphere is collated and applied to benefit customers across the world, thus making Harlequin the perfect choice for all users of Diamond and CBN products. Leading the market in new and technologically advanced products on all machines and applications keeps Harlequin the number one choice for all Woodworking applications.

On Profiling applications the ability of Harlequin to provide accuracy and longevity have led to the development of Harlequin products being the first choice for grinding. Specialist diamond bonds tailored for the applications and CBN bonds which excel above and beyond have led to customers insisting on Harlequin.

ISO Logo The confidence of repeated consistency within the ISO 9001 standard of Harlequin and an unparalleled level of service make all customers pleased to use the Harlequin product.

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